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Privacy and Data Policy

Hotel Quinta Penha de França

Privacy policy


  1. This Privacy Policy covers all personal data that may be collected from our customers, processed in the course of our business activity.
  2. Our company attaches extreme importance to the personal data it has, implementing equipment, techniques and processes for its security, confidentiality and protection against unsolicited access.

Treatment of data

  1. In the course of technical assistance carried out at the IT level by external entities, our customers' data can be accessed, and these external entities also submit to a high degree of confidentiality, also guaranteeing the safeguarding and confidentiality of the data transmitted, in compliance with the rules to the protection of data and protection of the data that they come to treat.
  2. In compliance with data protection regulations, these collected data are processed and stored in electronic form in strict compliance with the personal data protection legislation and are stored in a specific database created by entities contracted by our Hotel Quinta Penha of France in compliance with accounting and tax obligations.

How long is your data stored?

The length of time that the data is stored and preserved varies according to the purpose for which the information is processed. In cases where there is no specific legal requirement, data should be stored and retained only for the period necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or subsequently processed. The data requested from our customers, on paper, will be kept for a period of one year.

Customer Rights

  1. In terms of personal data of our customers, our company is available to fulfill and enforce the rights of customers, namely the right to information, access to data, change and rectification of inaccuracies, erasure and forgetting of stored data, and limitation and opposition of the treatment, provided that there is no legal impediment.
  2. The company reserves the right to charge fees for the administrative services performed in compliance with the previous point, as they prove unfounded or excessive, or even refuse the application presented.
  3. Our clients, in order to submit the request regarding any of their rights, should contact our data protection officer. There is a form for this purpose, which the client can request personally in the reception of the Hotel or by email .
  4. The client also has the right to complain to the CNPD or other control authority;

Subcontracted entities  

In the context of the processing of User Data, Hotel Quinta Penha de França uses or may resort to third parties, subcontracted by itself, to, on behalf of the hotel, and in accordance with the instructions given by it, User, in accordance with the law and this Privacy Policy.

These subcontracted entities will not be able to transmit the User Data to other entities without the prior written permission of Hotel Quinta Penha de França, and they are also prevented from contracting other entities without prior authorization from our Hotel.

Our Hotel is committed to subcontracting only entities that offer the maximum security in the execution of the appropriate technical and organizational measures, in order to guarantee the defense of the User's rights. All entities subcontracted by our Hotel are bound by the latter by means of a written agreement in which the object and duration of the treatment, the nature and purpose of the processing, the type of personal data, the categories of data and the rights and obligations of the parties.

Customer Data

Some personal data collected is required and if this data is missing or incomplete, the Hotel may not provide the services or information requested. Our services collect all data that may be necessary to carry out the services contracted by our clients, such as identification data, contacts, tax address and data of the electronic payments that they intend to use, which will be kept for at least one year (paper).

Other data will be collected that may be necessary to comply with other legal requirements.

If the client wishes, he may request that his tax number be also included, when the invoice is due.

The data collected and held by our Hotel can be transmitted, according to the legislation of protection of personal data taking into account their duty of confidentiality and the purpose that led to their collection, to the following entities:

Judicial or administrative authorities, in cases where such assignment is mandatory.


Regarding the reservation area of ​​our website, the data collected by the contracted external entity are exclusively for the processing of your reservations in our hotel, and this data is subsequently transmitted to our services, triggering our internal processes for the realization of the corresponding reservation and provision of services:

Provision of hotel services and associated services (restaurants, bars, swimming pools, etc.)

Reserves- requested information : Name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, payment method and reservation details.

Our Hotel assumes that the data provided by the data owners is true and up to date and that the same when transmitting their data are giving their consent for the intended purpose - reservation and enjoyment of our services.

How the data is collected:

The Hotel Quinta Penha de França can collect data directly (directly with the customer). The collection can be done through the following channels:

Direct collection: in person, by telephone , by e-mail in the internet network and through the Website ;

or indirectly through partner entities or third parties.


The personal data collected and used by Hotel Quinta Penha de França are not available to third parties established outside the European Union.

Final dispositions

  1. Hotel Quinta Penha de França reserves the right to make adjustments or changes to this Privacy Policy at any time, and these changes will be duly disclosed on its website
  2. APPLICABLE LAW AND FORUM - The Privacy Policy, as well as the collection, processing or transmission of User Data, are governed by the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and by the legislation and regulations applicable in Portugal.
  1. For further clarification regarding our privacy policy, the security of personal data or, in general, the implementation of the protection of personal data by our company, please contact us through the email: .